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General Accident Insurance



General Accident Insurance Limited is an insurance company offering insurance to businesses and consumers, that operates in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados. GENAC offers a wide range of services to include auto insurance, property insurance, travel insurance and other insurance.



General Accident Insurance Company had outlined the need for a solution to meet the following business requirements:


  • Build a regional network connecting all three markets to include Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados with Jamaica being the hub
  • Increase business efficiency through IT optimization and standardization across the network
  • Improved end to end network security facilitating secure communications across the wide-area network regionally
  • Implement a scalable solution allowing the organization to grow organically without having to fully replace any components to add additional staff or computing systems
  • Structured network for ease of management through a single pane of glass
  • Implement IT infrastructure that supports all functionality required to achieve industry compliance (such as PCI DSS)
  • Needed a provider manage their network allowing them to focus on their core business



Salus was hired by GENAC based on our proven track record to deliver innovative standards-based solutions backed by best-in-class engineering expertise and professionalism to design, plan and implement and manage. Ongoing optimization and network management are also a key part of the offering. The solution was implemented within schedule and allocated budget by our certified network engineers and installers. The Fortinet security fabric was deployed across General Accident’s wide area network spanning across Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and Miami providing superior protection against sophisticated threats such as malware and botnets.

The solution was also designed with redundancy should the main site operations become unavailable due to a disaster such as network outage, power failure, sabotage or act of God.



The main benefits of the solution include:


  • Broad visibility and protection across the network with real-time visibility across all devices and applications
  • Integrated detection and response to advanced threats by streamlining communications among the different security solutions, thus reducing detection and remediation timelines
  • Automated operation and analytics through a single pane of glass facilitating coordinated automated response and resolution to threats detected anywhere across your extended network
  • Designed with modularity and scalability in mind – Allowing for easy network expansion or realignment by adding or rearranging the required components rather than having to completely replace assets.
  • A fully interconnected Wide-Area Network across all regional locations integrating data, voice and video communications amongst branch offices. This allows all locations to appear as a single network from a user standpoint whilst maintaining a high security posture
  • Reduced operational expenditure through consolidation of technical network functionality and lower support costs than the existing Cisco equipment
  • Proactive management, fault management, incident resolution and reporting through Salus’ managed services offering